Spring Service Retreat 2017


SR long view low res altJoin us at Serenity Ridge on March 29–30 and April 3–4 for a special service retreat just before and after our the annual Spring Retreat. Participants who work a total of 18 hours will receive 50 percent off the cost of registration for the March 31–April 2 Spring Retreat on the topic of Meditation on the Six Lokas.

The 18 work hours may be spread over two to four days. If you cannot participate in the full 18 hours any amount of time you can offer will be appreciated. For each six-hour day worked, a participant will receive 50 percent off the cost of one day of the retreat registration price.

All service retreat participants will be provided free dormitory accommodations, starting the evening of March 28, and simple meals.

work retreat 2011 Cservice swimmingThis is a wonderful time to share with the sangha and to be of joyful service. Each day of the work retreat includes daily meditation, vigorous work periods and free time to walk along the Serenity Ridge grounds or the Rockfish River. 

Please email us at the link below for more information and to request an application for the work retreat.

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